Structured Data Cabling

VERUS has an experienced in-house consult, design, and build specialists that will listen to your needs in order to create the perfect low voltage infrastructure that is both effective and cost efficient. We handle fiber, Ethernet, coax, and low loss LMR cabling for many different wired and wireless applications.


Our team of consultants are happy to work with you to design an infrastructure to fit your data, voice, and video service needs.


Engineering and Design could not be more important. Creating very efficient solutions to meet client’s needs saves everyone time and money. Understanding many different vendor technologies such as telecommunications, CCTV, satellite, IP and analog systems allows us to integrate with other vendor systems within a MDU facility. 


Employing seasoned, salaried technicians allows us to maintain quality control. We only build clean, professional systems that not only function properly but are cosmetically pleasing too. Organized and labeled work makes for easy troubleshooting as well.


Having experience as a Service Provider gives us a competitive edge over most low voltage companies. Knowing what the service side needs allows us to design with an end goal in mind, not to mention understanding the future of communications. Electricians and other low voltage installation companies do not get to see the fast-changing telecommunications market first hand like us.

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