Shared Fiber Riser

Today’s multi-tenant/multi-dwelling facilities are very complex and require building-wide Internet and LAN connectivity for nearly all vendor services such as Internet, voice, TV, CCTV, gate access, door access, HVAC, water meter, and more.

VERUS is ready to demonstrate the importance of having an infrastructure designed that will accommodate the future technology demands of your industry. If you are a developer or property owner, we can ensure the proper infrastructure is in place to future proof your projects and eliminate the need for upgrades or restructuring as technology demands grow.

At VERUS Connect, we realize that an appropriate infrastructure is crucial in supporting the high-speed Internet and data solutions for your business.

What is a Shared Fiber Riser?

Instead of all vendors and solution providers creating an absolute mess in communication closets, above ceiling, in hallways, and in-unit wiring distribution panels, our proven shared fiber riser creates a fiber infrastructure to interconnect all communication closets with spare pre-labeled strands for everyone to share. Having one source for a more modern uniform solution is efficient, clean, cost effective and reduces overall cost to the GC.

Why is it so important for MDU/MTU?

Many MDU/MTU services require infrastructure to bounce around each project to interconnect all components of each different system. Copper solutions have distance limitations, so most MDU/MTU facilities require fiber networks from each vendor. These vendors are not in the fiber business, so they all individually outsource fiber plant work, which is very expensive. In addition to being expensive, having multiple fiber vendors onsite is messy and very time consuming for GC’s to manage. Imagine the ease of having one vendor to interact with all project vendors to provide the fiber network and built on-time following GC’s timelines.

Reducing Footprint

Current and past construction projects having multiple providers, multiple vendors, multiple solutions each with their own outsourced fiber contractor. Each of these have their own methods, usually not the best, thus creating a cluster in all closets. Our shared riser is cleanly installed, labeled, and ready for work! No more congested IDFs, MDFs, or unit wiring panels.

Lowering overall project costs

Our unique, market changing, shared fiber solutions are efficient, reduce closet footprint, lower overall property fiber cost, and future proof your facility. Best of all, it’s better than Aspirin at removing common telecom headaches for developers. Having one shared, managed, fiber network will greatly reduce your overall construction costs while also future proofing your facility.

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