Public Safety DAS


What is public safety / first responder DAS? 

Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna System) is a system that is implemented for first responders, with it’s primary purpose to ensure that these emergency responders can have access to seamless, uninterrupted wireless communication while inside the buildings, stairwells, garages and tunnels.

Why is this important?

One of the lessons learned from 9-11 is that radio communications are a critical lifeline for first responders and police in emergencies. However, wireless signals can be compromised or blocked by environmental or structural obstacles. This blockage can diminish the effectiveness and safety of police and fire department personnel during emergencies.

Our advantage

VERUS Connect’s team of Engineers can design and our Installation Technicians can deploy tailored DAS solutions for our clients. With our tailored systems, we deliver and ensure emergency responders can have the access to seamless, uninterrupted wireless communication.

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