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It can be frustrating and unprofessional to continuously lose your cellphone signal in your home office or commercial facility. Today’s business professionals rely heavily on their handheld devices to stay connected for work and personal use. If you are located in a building and frequently lose your cell phone reception, our cellular distribution consultants can help.

VERUS is an experienced cellular DAS provider for turnkey, tailored, cost effective residential and commercial solutions.

What is a cellular DAS solution?

DAS is a distributed antenna system. This portion is mainly comprised of cabling, antenna, and connective components design to distribute cellular carrier frequencies around your facility based on building design and architecture. The active cellular component will be a carrier grade active small cell, base station, or amplifier repeater depending on the circumstances and location of the project. Design is also dependent upon initial carrier approvals.

Why is in-building cellular coverage important?

As building materials become more energy efficient, thus blocking thermal radiation, this also interferes with all forms of other radiation like wireless signals more than ever. Many new types of commercial external building glass will nearly completely block wireless signals. We do not have to convince anyone that not having cellular reception in a commercial building is a huge hinderance to tenant retention. Likewise, having a solid in-building cellular solution will give you a huge advantage over other neighboring commercial and residential facilities that do not. The top two requested amenities for four years are fast Internet options and cellular coverage.

Why choose us?

Experience and having the tools to correctly design an effective, efficient system plays a huge role in who you should pick. VERUS has both. With 18 years working with Brownfield and Greenfield spaces, we have been involved with nearly every type and scope of project. We build the necessary cellular systems to boost your cell phone signal throughout your property and can manage these wireless solutions as well. VERUS understands the importance of having a strong cellular signal and the intricacies behind your cellular reception problems.

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