The technology being deployed by VERUS is really impressive. Their willingness to work with each aspect of the project delivery team (development, construction, management & financial partners) helped allow for a seamless deployment of the system. Our team is extremely pleased with how VERUS’ Advanced Technology Solutions have provided our project with what we believe to be a competitive edge in the MDU marketplace.

Larry Stephens
77 12 Street, LLC

It has been a pleasant experience to have a firm that meets/beats the schedule, available 24/7, and continuously provides updates to further improve their products and service. VERUS has also provided our construction site with high-speed connectivity, which allows our company to improve efficiency and easily share information amongst the project team.

Jason Weeks
Senior Project Manager
Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

I felt compelled to write with regard to VERUS and my recent experience with my essentially non-functional WiFi reception upon moving into my unit. After you gave me there support number, I called them and despite it being after 6pm (I thought I'd be leaving voicemail) they answered my call and assured me they could fix the problem. Moreover, since I needed Internet the next night for work, their support was able to work on my unit's reception and fix the problem that very next day. I was kept updated and followed up personally as to the status of work. I am most pleased as the reception was almost as good as the customer service in which I was provided. I personally feel it's important to commend (not just complain) and was impressed with VERUS support and service. I think their work reflects well on not just the company, but also on Property Management as you all selected the service. Thank you and have a great weekend!


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