VERUS Connect is an advanced technology consulting and engineering firm delivering broadband solutions that will drive economic advancement across all industries.

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    How can educational institutions, businesses, fire and safety, government services, and medical systems reach new heights? Through a partnership with an organization that understands how technology and robust networks will create revolutionary advancements across all industries.

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    Your technology needs are unique so why not your solution?

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  • Creating


    Robust broadband networks provide the catalyst for efficiencies only once imagined. Reduce time, effort, and resources while increasing productivity, revenue, and efficiencies.

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  • Breaking traditional

    business methods

    Just like the gladiator that our company takes its name from VERUS Connect is blazing new trails. We are not a traditional provider of broadband solutions. We work as part of your team to create a lasting partnership.

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Meet VERUS Connect

VERUS Connect is an advanced technology engineering and consulting firm specializing in broadband, data and cellular solutions. We streamline the process for you by providing consulting, engineering and long-term managed solutions for your ultra-high speed Internet, VoIP services, cellular solutions and data network infrastructure.

Consulting – Advanced Technology Solutions

Uncovering how we can provide the best solutions for our client’s specific needs begins with our team of Advanced Technology Consultants. The initial consultation is a crucial step to ensure you get the customized solutions you deserve for a resilient and high performance network. VERUS Connect values our clients by taking the time to learn your business on the front end. You can expect our consultants to carefully evaluate both the current and projected technology demands of the end users. We will advise you on what technology solutions will help advance your business initiatives. Our market research and expertise within your industry can ensure your business is equipped with technology solutions needed to ensure a competitive edge.

Engineering –  Advanced Technology Solutions

At VERUS Connect, we not only consult with you on your technology needs, but we can personally install and implement the necessary infrastructure for your chosen service plan as well. Through our seamless process, our experts can build your Advanced Broadband or Cellular LAN infrastructure with precision and adherence to budget. VERUS Connect brings over 50 years of engineering experience in network building and design to future proof your business from the inevitable technology upgrades and growing demands.

Managed Solutions – Advance Technology Solutions

As a full scale service provider, VERUS Connect offers managed solutions for the advanced technology engineered to your specifications. We provide 24/7 support, billing, remote monitoring and live phone representatives. We stand beside you as your long term business partner to ensure that your infrastructure continues to accommodate the future goals of your company and the technology demands of your industry.

VERUS Connect can help you meet your immediate technology and data needs as well as all future demands. VERUS Connect is unique in that we offer comprehensive consulting, engineering and long-term managed solutions for ultra-high-speed Internet connections. VERUS Connect works with business and residential clients throughout the Southeast and across the United States.